Tag me! Tag me!

Okay, I have a few minutes before I need to get going on our trip... so I thought I'd participate in this little game. I feel like I'm in elementary school playing tag because when I read Andi's post, I was really hoping that she'd tag me:)

Five things in my freezer...
~Morningstar Farms Chick'n Patties
~Mixed Veggies
~Frozen Berries
~Whole wheat waffles

Five things in my (dining room) closet...
~My lovely red scarf
~My winter coat
~Good Night Sleep Tight (Parker's book)
~A shelf that needs to be hung
~Our dreaded file of crap (stuff that we shove into a file when we don't want to look at it anymore)

Five things in my car...
~Lots of pacifiers
~Parker's cereal on the floor
~The luxury seat (Parker's carseat)
~Old receipts...bad, bad, bad
~All of our camping gear!

Five things in my purse (diaper backpack)
~Fruit cups
~Lip gloss and lots of it!
~SPF 50

I tag...


Does anyone else want to be tagged? Now I really am back in elementary school--I don't want to tag anyone that doesn't want to be tagged. Maybe I'd make them feel peer pressure;)


Brandon and Rachel said...

You've got skills, Amy. You know how to do things on your blog that I can't figure out. I think I need a tutorial. How do you make little links and things? I also really like your book recommendations. Such a cool idea!

P.S. I can totally relate to the "pretend it's not there" file. Our kitchen counter seems to collect stray papers. I hate it!

Ginainchina said...

thank you for tagging me. i feel very excited to be in the 'cool' group even though i don't have guess jeans. (were those the cool things when you were in elementary school?) HA HA. anyway... i am assuming that tagging is now i need to asnwer those questions that you answered? love, gina

Jen said...

This is so funny...Amy, I was writing to ask how to make links too! I had to laugh when I saw that Rachel asked you the same thing! However, I feel like she is a step ahead of me because I don't even know how to put a little picture of me with my comments! :)Hope you are having a great trip! Nick and I are headed to the Oregon coast at the end of August...I can't wait!

Andi said...

You're so cute, Amy-I was so excited when I got tagged too :) And its so reassuring to know that we are not the only ones with the dreaded file of crap...!

Brandon and Rachel said...

Thanks for the help! I feel empowered now. :) How was your trip?

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