I'm a fairly laid-back mama, especially when it comes to dirt on my little boy. I like to let him play in the sand and get all yucky. I think kids should be allowed to get dirty....such a good, fun learning experience. Parker really enjoys packing the sand into his scalp and squeezing dirt through his fingers. Good stuff. However, I do not like a dirty house and I really don't like a dirty bathtub. So, to keep my tub from becoming a second sandbox, I bathe Parker outside after a visit from the grime fairy. I have a really tiny blow-up pool (really tiny...like two feet wide) that I fill up with water from the hose and a pot of boiling water from the house. This makes it warm enough for a good bath, but not too hot. I bring the baby wash, towel, and rubber ducky outside to make it feel authentic. It is a win-win situation: Parker gets to be a real kid and enjoy the dirt and I still get to enjoy my clean tub. Outside baths...this is what works for me:)

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Jennifer said...

That is a good idea. I remember one time we got really dirty (as older kids), and mom made us strip down in the fenced in backyard and hose off.

Gabriela said...

Clever! And I bet he just loves it.

Gabriela said...

Cute idea! And I bet he loves it.

Mama Tank Engine said...

good idea! living in arizona it would always be warm enough :)

Aleah said...

Good idea! I think my kids would like that better than the hose! I think I might need a bigger pool though!

Ginainchina said...

i'd liek to bring Win over for some of that dirty fun :) oh wait, that sounded bad HA HA AHA...love, gina

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